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The company is a manufacturer
    We specially do all kinds of magnetic filters and also support lifting NdFeB, Ferrite, AINiCo, FeCrCo and SmCo magnets, and all kinds Magnetic filter is used in magnetizing water, air and fuel. It is used car, in agricultural and so on.
Magnetic Filter---water magnet
    For best result, these devices work best if water is magnetically treated just prior to use. Also, it is recommended that magnetic units be placed on both hot and cold water lines. Natural and effective way to soften and neutralize hard and acid water. Water entering is natural, chaotic randomly placed molecules with crystallizing minerals. Water exiting is now naturally soft with improved flavor while retaining the dissolved minerals from the improved molecular solvency so important to health but now will not harm the plumbing.

Magnetic Filter---car engine

    Filter Coolant Energizer: The use of this unit will dissolve the corrosion and scale build-up in the Head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator, and heater. There will no longer be any problems in these areas. This not only saves costly repairs and maintenance down time, but the scale which retards heat transfer in the cooling system is gone. As a result, the engine is restored to its 100% heat transfer ability and therefore lasts longer.

    Filter Air Energizer: The unit is the latest advance in combustion dynamics. Used with the unit, it will charge the air thereby increasing the oxygenation of the fuel resulting in higher combustion efficiency and lower emissions.

    Filter Fuel Energizer: The unit can improve your gas mileage an average of +10 to +20%. Installed on your car or truck fuel line, the filter changes the molecular structure of the fuel going to your engine for optimal performance. The unit gives you high test performance from regular octane gasoline. With the unit, your engine burns gas more efficiently while reducing carbon.

Permanent Magnetic Chuck

    The permanent magnetic chuck is applied to holding workpiece of iron material when processing.
Electro-Magnetic Chuck
Permanent Magnetic Lifter
The lifter is very convenient for application in loading,unloading,and moving.

Other Application

    Magnet has many kind of applications°™magnetic nip of calling card,magnetic button and so on.

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